Older Dogs

From time to time we will have older dogs/puppies looking for a new home. This is where they will be listed Dogs QLD Member (and Supply Number) - 4004472800 Please contact Dogs QLD on email: info@dogsqueensland.org.au to verify my membership.
When our puppies go to their new homes the new owners expect that they will have their new little puppy for life. However, as unlikely it may seem at the time, unexpected changes in lifestyle/circumstances can happen. For this reason part of the deal in buying a Feldjaeger puppy/dog is that, if at any time the new owner cannot take proper care of the puppy/dog or can no longer keep the puppy/dog for whatever reasons, the owner must contact us to take the puppy/dog back or allow us to assist in finding a new suitable home for the puppy/dog. Jasper-plus Case Study: When Jasper’s owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer he contacted us to make sure that we would be able to find Jasper a new loving home. Jasper stayed with Ian til the end then went to live with Stephanie, Chris and their female Wei Anubis. This was an email I received from them soon after: “Just letting you know that Jasper is doing really well.  We had a fantastic week at the beach, lots of swimming and cuddles on the couch!  I think he is really feeling apart of the family now, his tail wags so much when we get home he can barely walk”