Our Longhairs

The Weimaraner Longhair should present a picture of power and stamina; be fearless and protective, yet friendly and obedient. Versatile, easily trained, a steady and passionate hunting dog and good watchdog, without however, aggressiveness. There are two Varieties of the Breed: Weimaraner and Weimaraner Longhair. Much to the surprise of people seeing a longhair for the first time, the only visible difference between the two is the length of coat. Temperament wise, from my experience, the Longhair variety seems to be a little different to the Weimaraner. It’s hard to put words to, but the Longhair tends to be a little more “calm” or settles more quickly. No less active in play and endurance however. The Longhair coat is described as: A soft, long topcoat with or without undercoat and it can be smooth or slightly wavy. The hair at the base of the ear is long and flowing. Velvety hair is permissible on tips of ears. The length of coat on the flanks is about 3-5 centimetres; generally somewhat longer on lower side of neck, fore chest and belly, shorter on the head. Good feathering and breeching, yet less long towards the ground. The tail has a good flag. You should also find hair between the toes. The Weimaraner Longhair is a Weimaraner with a coat that is 1 - 2 inches long, with feathering on the legs and tail making them elegant and softer to look at than the shorthair variety. There is no extra grooming with the longhair, a brush once a week, as with all Weis, and trimming the hair between their toes. Extra work is required when they change coat (usually twice a year) They don't shed hair like a German Shepherd or other thick coated breeds. Their coat is silky soft and comparatively quite thin.